Complete Nutrition Consultation and Assessment

Complete Nutrition Consultation and Assessment

A holistic approach to health and wellness evaluates and considers all the contributing factors. That is to say, our bodies are made up complex systems that interconnect with one another and with the world around us, so health and wellness are best understood in the context of our whole environment. A great place to start when evaluating wellness is diet.

During your first one hour session, we’ll discuss your food journey, current lifestyle and diet, your health status and any food related issues you have. We’ll also discuss the power of holistic nutrition and wholesome eating, as well as the power of developing habits for consciously eating and living in a way that promotes balance to help improve your quality of life. Together, we’ll identify possible nutritional causes of your health and wellness concerns and imbalances, then I’ll provide guidance to help correct them.  

After booking your appointment, you’ll receive a brief questionnaire via email. Please complete and return it in a timely manner to ensure it’s received and reviewed before your session. You’ll receive your personalized wellness plan, which will include recipes and shopping tips, via email within 48 hours of the completion of your session for you to refer to on your journey.

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