A Little Bit About Us

Plant-Based Holistic Wellness Counseling

Wellness is a complex and sometimes complicated practice that can require expertise to properly guide you. Here at HolisticXpressions, we have a wealth of experience helping our clients find better health and well-being through plant based eating and lifestyle habits. We offer all of our services online, so no matter where you are located, you can contact us through our booking form to schedule an appointment or ask questions.

Wellness Outlooks

HolisticXpressions is the perfect place to take the time to explore how a wellness coach can help you. Whether you're concerned about diet, chronic issues, spiritual health, or your lifestyle we can explain how changes to your mindset and outlook can affect your mind, body, and soul. Whether you're sure of what you want or are looking for some advice and guidance, it never hurts to talk to an expert.

Stress Free Wellness

Our convenient hours and online options allow us to offer appointments at times that suit you, and at a place of your choosing where you can feel most comfortable. The result? You can begin your appointment stress-free and ready to explore how plant based holistic wellness practices can change your life. 

We will guide you through each stage of the process from developing healthy eating practices to implementing healthier more sustainable lifestyle habits. We promise to explain each step clearly, and always take the time to talk things through so you're learning as you're healing.

Collaboration with Nonprofit Farmed Animal Alliance, Inc.

Following and maintaining a vegan lifestyle isn’t always easy, especially for vegan activists so HolisticXpressions has collaborated with Farmed Animal Alliance, Inc. to provide outreach and support for vegan activists, animal rescue caretakers, and the animals they protect.

We provide education and support through many services, addressing physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of a vegan lifestyle, but our main focus in working with this particular nonprofit is the animals, so in collaboration with Farmed Animal Alliance, Inc. we offer an animal reiki workshop to educate activists and caretakers how to heal themselves and the rescued animals with reiki. Anyone is welcome to join this workshop, however it is provided to vegan activists and rescue animal caretakers at no cost to them.

To learn more about Farmed Animal Alliance, Inc., just visit their website at https://farmedanimalinc.org

You can also order merchandise from the following link to their Bonfire store https://www.bonfire.com/store/farmed-animal-alliance/

All proceeds go to the Farmed Animal Alliance, Inc. nonprofit organization.   

Volunteer Work

We know the importance of community, so we are enthusiastic about collaborating and volunteering with nonprofit organizations.

One organization we regularly volunteer with is The Distant Healing Network, an organization that has been offering distance healing for people and animals through reiki and prayer since 1996.

To learn more about this wonderful organization, or to learn how to request distance healing from their network, you can visit their website 


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