Farmed Animal Alliance, Inc.
A nonprofit organization that focuses on rescued farmed animals.

Farmed Animal Alliance, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that focuses on rescued farmed animals. 

The purpose of this nonprofit organization is to organize and participate in peaceful actions at locations where live animals are sold, transported, delivered to slaughter, and abused or exploited at places of injustice. If the opportunity arises they aim to find permanent sanctuary or solutions for those animals who may be voluntarily released. They aim to bring awareness about the animals' plight, to focus on them, and to validate their short lives by acknowledging their unnecessary suffering and advocating to the general public. Farmed Animal Alliance, Inc., educates communities about the harmful effects the consumption of farmed animals has on one's personal lives, as well as the lives of their families, and their community members. They advocate for those who are experiencing injustice, and welcome anyone from the public to join in peaceful, love driven, grass roots, non violent community actions.

They focus on and advocate for all animals.

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